About Us

About Hearty Tails

Hearty Tails is an equitable employment social enterprise proudly operated by the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD). We created Hearty Tails to provide opportunities for people forgotten by mainstream employment. We work hard to provide customized employment for adults with diverse abilities and focus on their strengths. We promote visibility of disabled people in our community.

OCAPDD - About Us


The Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities provides support to hundreds of people with developmental disabilities, in every aspect of life whether seeking work opportunities, securing living arrangements or dealing with day-to-day tasks.

We provide support through a holistic approach that includes:

  • individualized service planning
  • providing a continuum of innovative community participation and residential options
  • recruiting and developing an educated and experienced workforce
  • advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and support networks
  • linking with the community, developmental and funding sectors.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community!

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organization or program which is created with the primary goal of achieving a social, cultural or environmental mission. It incorporates earned revenue strategies into its revenue mix by selling goods and services in the marketplace. Proceeds from sales are reinvested back into the mission to increase the impact in the community.